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Bostik Super Glue 7432, fast-curing cyanoacrylate glue

Bostik Super Glue 7432, fast-curing cyanoacrylate glue

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Bostik cyanoacrylate adhesive is a fast-curing 1-component structural adhesive.
Moisture is a catalyst for this adhesive and polymerization quickly creates a strong, colorless adhesive bond.


Cars, car accessories, washing machines, electrical equipment, optical equipment, precision tools, watch and jewelry manufacturing/repair.
Various materials: glass, natural and synthetic rubber, wood, various plastics (not polyethylene or Teflon) and metals.


Bonded surfaces and adhesive treatment: Bonded surfaces must be dry, dust-free and clean of oil and rust. Clean and flat surfaces are a prerequisite for the best possible connection. For cleaning metal and glass surfaces, Spirit, or tetrachlorethylene, is used - for plastic surfaces, mech. alk.

We recommend lightly sanding the metal before gluing. Before using the glue, the glue must be kept at room temperature for at least one night.
Do not open the package until at room temperature.

Applying glue: Apply as little glue as possible to the surface to be glued. Usually, it is enough to only apply the glue to one surface. The best result is achieved with as little glue as possible. A uniform layer of glue is obtained using a polyethylene trowel. Immediately after applying the glue, quickly press the surfaces together and squeeze until the glue starts to harden. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving the glued parts.

Curing: The best possible adhesion is achieved 12-24 hours after gluing (at room temperature). In practice, however, approx. 30 min is enough.


Good ventilation must be ensured when using large quantities of Bostik cyanoacrylate adhesives. Avoid getting the glue on the skin, as it sticks instantly. Be sure to avoid getting the glue in the eyes (use safety glasses)

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