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Quick-drying acrylic sealant Paracryl DECO

Quick-drying acrylic sealant Paracryl DECO

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Paracryl DECO - High quality plastic-elastic sealant.

Easy to install. Can be painted over after 30 minutes. When installing on low-moving parts and painting over the sealant, the paint will not crumble on the sealant. The joint remains matte white. The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Observe the correct shape of the joint (water must drain from the joint and not from the sealant) and avoid thin layers! Clean with water before drying completely. Keep the sealant away from the cold. Only indoors (If it dries near a window or door, make sure that the door or window is closed so that there is not too much humidity!). Do not use in areas that are permanently in contact with water or are damp.

Area of ​​use:
Specially developed for joints with low mobility. Joints, edges and watertight joints of doors and windows. In addition, window sills, stairs, baseboards, walls, ceilings and plasterboards. Can also be used to repair cracks and crevices in walls and ceilings. Thanks to its very good composition, the product is suitable for correcting visible areas. The first layer formation at 23 degrees and 50% humidity is 30 minutes. Complete curing after 24 hours.

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