Erinevate keemiatoodete kasutusala igapäevaelus

Uses of various chemical products in real life (example)

Caulking the windows
Installation of windows
Window sill installation
Pool work
Weatherproofing of the concrete element/facade
Concrete floor leveling/preparation
For cleaning yourself, Accessories & Workplace
Energy for a rich day
For special purpose insulation / mold
Graffity & coating paints in aerosol
For sound insulation
Roof waterproofing
Roof roll material
For the fireplace, the hearth
Body work, body repair
Plaster works
Glazing works
Click parquet installation
Crafts (tiny & light details)
Moldings, moldings, borders
Painting works
To the engine
Repair work on the roof
For installation of panels & XPS/EPS
For mirror installation
Wood and furniture glue
For gluing the sheet
Wood repair or filling
Wallet-friendly materials
For rust removal
Waterproofing of sanitary rooms/wet rooms
Wall covering gluing
Gluing veneered wall covering tiles
Wallpaper work
Countertops, kitchen cabinets and design elements
For fire protection
Installation of doors
For rim painting
For ventilation chambers
For finishing works
For joint processing
Foundation waterproofing

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