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Adhesive foam Den Braven Thermo Adhesive GG B3

Adhesive foam Den Braven Thermo Adhesive GG B3

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  • Tested and certified by ETA 004:2000
  • Fire resistance class B3
  • Time-saving dosing and easy use with DB GUN 355 & 635 foam guns
  • Excellent noise reduction & thermal conductivity properties
  • Light on the wall
  • Immediately usable
  • Volume: 750 ml = 5-10 m2
  • Thermal conductivity: 30-35 / mW/mK

Area of ​​use:

Zwaluw PU Thermo Adhesive B3 is very effective for polystyrene insulation boards (EPS, EPS-P, XPS, etc.). for binding during facade installation works.


Cylinder temp.: + 5°C to + 30°C (recommended + 15°C to + 25°C) Application temperature (for environment and substrate): + 5°C to + 35°C (recommended + 15°C to + 25 °C)
Turn the balloon with the nozzle up and install the foam. To adjust the foam flow, release the valve on the back of the handle. Fill the range halfway. In low humidity, spray the foam with a little water. The foam spreads and fills the remaining space. When installing windows, use auxiliary supports to position the frame for about 24 hours until the foam has fully hardened. Protect your eyes, use gloves and work clothes. Floors and furniture should be covered with paper or plastic film. Seams that are wider and deeper than 4 cm are filled in several layers. Waiting time between breaks is 15-30 minutes. Spray a little with water before installation. Apply the glue to the polystyrene sheet, the contour, 5 cm from the edge of the contour in consecutive lines with a distance of 30 cm between them.

The recommended diameter of the lines with a gun is 10 - 12 mm; Fix the polystyrene sheets in the final position for about 6-10 minutes before the glue starts to harden. The polystyrene sheets at the bottom of the wall must be supported from the bottom to prevent them from sliding off the wall until the sheets are attached (5 - 24 hours). Fill the gaps between the polystyrene sheets with glue to achieve effective insulation.

Other information:
• No contact with water.
• Not suitable for use in cavities with insufficient humidity
• Not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics, neoprene and bituminous substrates
Surface preparation and finishing
The surfaces must be clean, free of oil and grease. Surfaces that
is wet moistened (sprayed) using a spray bottle. In cold temperatures, the temperature is at least one hour before use. Thread the cylinder onto the NBS threaded gun. Shake the cylinder before use (at least 30 times). Protect your eyes, wear gloves and protective equipment. Cover floor coverings and furniture with paper or film. Fresh product can be removed directly. with Universal PU-Cleaner. After drying, the excess foam can be removed. Glue the insulation panels by placing a continuous line of PU Thermo Adhesive B1 on the board 2-4cm from the edge. Apply at least one vertical anchor line to the center of the board. Place in the desired area within 2 minutes of applying the foam. It is possible to adjust the position of the plate to the maximum. within 20 minutes depending on the ambient temperature (air and substrate).

ETA 004:2000
Technical Approval of DIBT - Berlin under Certificate number Z.:33.9-1545
Tested by IFBT GmbH - Institut für Fassadenund Befestigungstechnik under Nr. 13 - 233
A+ (Eurofins ISO 16000)
FEICA member
A+ French VOC Regulation

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