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Bitumen tape Aluband

Bitumen tape Aluband

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Self-adhesive bitumen insulating tape with aluminum protective film, for waterproof insulation in roof and general construction works. Width of available ribbons from 5 CM to 30 CM.
Adhesive (instant adhesion to many construction surfaces, including: cardboard, roof tile, concrete, building ceramics, wood). Does not require the use of special tools (cold fixing). Possibility of layer-by-layer gluing. Elastic - easily adapts to the shape of the surface. High resistance to atmospheric factors.

New roofing works: skylights, skylights, chimneys, lanterns, eaves, balconies, terraces, etc. making or compacting the existing ones. Sealing of plate joints (e.g. gutters, exhaust pipes), steel structures (especially in places where there is a risk of water spillage). Insulation of wooden skeleton structures, such as glass houses, garden architecture. Waterproof sealing of terrace corners and joints between walls and floors (for example, when installing shower trays).

Method of use:

Clean the base from grease and dust. Blunt or round the sharp edges of the base. The surface must be dry, smooth and clean. Measure the required length of the ribbon, remove the protective foil, place the ribbon on the base and press it together. Not to stretch. When connecting two layers of tape at the same time, use a joint with an overlap (minimum 25 mm). Smooth the edges of the ribbon with a soft roller. After application, keep the strap from being hit, walked on or driven over. Product temperature during operation from +15°C to +40°C. Ambient temperature from +5°C to +45°C.

Shelf life and batch number - see on the package. Store in a closed package at a temperature of +5°C to +25°C.

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