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Butyl tape Paraband BT Butyl

Butyl tape Paraband BT Butyl

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Strong ready-to-use self-adhesive butyl tape based on 0.6 mm butyl rubber and covered with durable aluminum tape. Resistant to temperatures between -30°C and +80°C.
Color: Brownish-Grey
Features: Waterproof, UV and weatherproof. Elastic.
Area of ​​use:
Air and water tight seal for use between solid structures and moving joints. Suitable for use with different materials and surfaces - roofs, canopies, around chimneys, wall structures, ventilation pipes, etc. If the product is used as a waterproof seal, make sure that there is no danger to drinking water.
SUITABLE SURFACES: aluminum, glass, concrete, stone, wood, metal, SPU and other common building materials.


The substrate must be compatible with the bending and elasticity properties of the product. If possible, do not use the product below 5°C, as condensation may remain between the formed connection, which does not ensure complete adhesion between the surfaces.
PARABAND BT is ready-to-use for installation directly on the surface, first remove the protective paper and press the seal firmly against the surface. To prevent air bubbles forming on the surface of the seal, rub strongly with a roller. Make sure the gasket is in close contact with the surface. If the strips are connected in series, cover with an overlap of at least 5 cm.
PARABAND BT can be removed and replaced very quickly without special tools.
SURFACE PREPARATION: The surfaces must be clean, free of grease and dust.

Shelf life:

12 months in the original sealed packaging in a well-ventilated room, temperature up to <30°C. If the storage temperature is >30°C, there may be problems with removing the film.

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