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Joint seal tape CHEMIX

Joint seal tape CHEMIX

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Round sealing tape with closed cell structure
Closed cell polyethylene tape for use between different surfaces in both static and moving joints. Ideal for walls, glazing, partitions, paving, tiles, joints in precast concrete or brickwork.

Odorless & Round seal with closed structure
Physically neutral & Good chemical resistance
Completely CFC and HCFC free (ODP = 0)
High water and vapor density & Reduces sealant consumption

• Developed for various static and moving joints.
• It helps to reduce the amount of sealant used and is designed for joint filling.
• Joints of walls, glasses, partitions
• Joints in pavements and tiles, as well as in prefabricated concrete or brick structures
• For sealing window and door blocks, pavement and floor joints
• Has been developed for use with cold sealing materials such as: PU sealant (polyurethane sealant), MS-polymer, hybrid polymer, butyl sealant, silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, etc.
• The product is in 2m pieces in a cardboard box (35mm+)

• Remove the product from the package or open the package slightly and find the end of the seal.
• To place the strip between the joint, you need a blunt object - for example, Chemix Vuugisilur ( website)
• Place the joint seal to the depth recommended for the sealant.
• Cover the joint seal and the joint with sealing material.
• Recommendation: Choose a 25% wider joint seal for the joint to ensure a stronger seal and to prevent the sealant from pushing the joint seal away.

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