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Montage PU foam TIGER PU Foam GG

Montage PU foam TIGER PU Foam GG

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Gun foam for doors and windows "Tiger PU-Foam GG" - One-component semi-rigid filling and assembly foam based on polyurethane.


Hardens quickly affected by moisture in the air and building materials. Ensures good acoustic and thermal insulation. Has good adhesion to various materials such as wood, concrete, metal, glass. Fills gaps and openings. Contains a gas that is safe for the surrounding environment. Does not crumble at low temperatures.

Area of ​​use:

Mainly it is used to fill the spaces between the partitions, the space between the floor and the covering boards, the space between the wall panels and the building box, as well as to fill the pipes and cable ducts and to install window and door blocks.


Surface the optimal temperature is 5+°С to +35°С. The cylinder must be kept at room temperature before use. Remove the protective cover. Shake the cylinder vigorously before use. (If you use the entire cylinder, then at the beginning and also in between). In winter, the cylinder must be shaken at least 20 - 30 times to ensure a good mixing of the components in the cylinder. Attach the plastic tube to the valve. Press the valve to let the foam out of the cylinder. In order to obtain a larger amount of foam and ensure better adhesion, the surfaces must be pre-moistened. During operation, the cylinder must be in the position with the valve down. About 100 min. during this time the foam will expand 2-3 times (45 times compared to the volume of the balloon). Therefore, only 40% of the space needs to be filled with foam. An additional layer of foam can be installed after 60 min. passing, while the layers adhere well to each other. After hardening, the foam can be plastered, painted, sawed, etc. but also to stick different objects on him.

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