Noise-absorbing acoustic acrylic sealant BOSTIK A990 PREMIUM

Noise-absorbing acoustic acrylic sealant BOSTIK A990 PREMIUM

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!!! Replaces acoustic acrylic sealant Bostik Acryl Power Flex !!!


Nature and human friendly, low in volatile organic compounds and phthalate free
Elastic/tolerates joint movement
The product has a wide range of certificates
Can be painted over with water-based and synthetic paints
Perfect adhesion without primer, even on slightly damp substrates!
Easy to apply and clean
Does not corrode metals

Area of ​​use:
Bostik A990 PREMIUM ACRYLIC is specially developed for sealing joints of stairs, walls, ceilings, skirting boards, window sills, wooden and metal window frames, concrete and brick work and/or filling cracks, screw and nail holes in wooden, plaster walls and ceilings. , plaster, brick, concrete, etc.

Usage time:
In unopened original packaging at a temperature of + 5°C to + 25°C shelf life up to 18 months from the date of production, stored in a dry place.

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