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Polyurethane sealant PU Detaflex 4000

Polyurethane sealant PU Detaflex 4000

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Detaflex 4000 – Fast-drying one-component polyurethane sealant
Areas of use: Detaflex 4000 is suitable when a strong and flexible bond is needed between different materials, e.g.: concrete, aluminum, PVC, brick, wood, parquet, tiles, steel and other joints and joints. For heavier and larger structures. Grindable.

Method of use: Connection points must be clean of dust and grease. First level (smooth) the surfaces. Use at temperatures between +5°C...+35°C.
Crust formation time: 70 minutes.
Hardness level: 40.
General: If necessary ask for technical and/or safety data sheet. The content is denser and holds its shape more when applied than Detaflex 1500.

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