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Slat & XPS/EPS adhesive Montagefix W

Slat & XPS/EPS adhesive Montagefix W

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Montagefix W is a paintable assembly adhesive based on dispersion. Excellent adhesion to most materials, does not cause corrosion to metal, temp. Tolerance -20°C... +75°C. Film formation on the surface 10 min, drying 2 mm per day. Operating temperature +5°C...+40°C.


Areas of use: wood, wall panels, ceilings, wall and floor moldings, window sills, MDF, metal, ceramics, stone, concrete, EPS, XPS plates, PVC surfaces, etc. Suitable for indoor use. The substrate must be dry, dust- and grease-free. Apply in stripes. Glue the detail and press it against the surface to be glued. Pull it apart and press it together after 5 minutes.
Drying: Complete drying: up to 72h
Storage: Store in a vertical position at a temperature of +5°C...+25°C. In original packaging. Keep out of the reach of children! Resistant temp: -15 + 60 C.
Shelf life: 12 months
Cleaning: soapy water.

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