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Two-component instant foam PURFOAM 2K

Two-component instant foam PURFOAM 2K

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Pur Foam 2 K- Quick-hardening 2-component assembly foam
Fast-curing assembly foam, excellent adhesion to most surfaces: stone, concrete, wood, plastic, EPS, XPS, metal. Temp. Tolerance -40°C...+90°C. Film formation on the surface 6 min, cut after 10 min, complete drying 30 min.
Operating temperature +5°C...+40°C.

Twist the bottom of the cylinder 5 times to the right of the wheel below - the B component is now released. Shake the cylinder upside down at least 20 times. Connect the valve to the adapter. Release the foam by holding the valve down. The resulting foam should be uniformly purple. If necessary, shake also during use. Fill the gap to the extent of 50%. Empty the cylinder within 5 minutes, otherwise the foam in the cylinder will dry.

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