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Very durable sealant gun Dripless Ergonomic ETS3000

Very durable sealant gun Dripless Ergonomic ETS3000

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ETS 3000 - is a new generation silicone gun from the American manufacturer: Dripless, Inc.

What makes the pistol special is its innovative mechanical solution, where the pressure type can be changed with one simple movement. A simple adjuster (lever) is located on the side of the gun, which allows the user to adjust the type of pressure according to his wishes. There are two types of pressure, either continuous or return. The return mode helps to save both material and the working environment. This mode immediately releases the pressure exerted on the tube, and the situation where part of the product in the tube has spilled when taking the silicone gun is no longer a problem, and some part still stretches out of the nozzle.

Continuous pressure mode is the so-called standard solution, which is a solution typical of widely used silicone guns.

ETS3000 is made of strong composite material. We have also done a strength test in Estonia and have thrown it every which way, but so far we have not been able to break it or damage it!


  • The function of changing the pressure strength
  • Power ratio 18:1
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rotating tube container
  • Strong composite construction
  • Tube tip opening cutter and extra long nozzle cleaning rod

ETS 3000 is suitable for use with all types of silicones, adhesives and polyurethane compounds.

When using viscous products such as construction adhesives and polyurethanes, turn the adjustment lever according to the mark, i.e. to the vertical position. In this way, the push rod moves back to the free position after each press.

In the upright position, the lever maintains constant pressure on the cartridge to make it easier to push out the mass.

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