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Winter assembly foam in gun PU-Gunfoam Winter -15°C

Winter assembly foam in gun PU-Gunfoam Winter -15°C

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Area of ​​use:
Zwaluw PU-Gunfoam Winter B3 has been specially developed for filling joints between partitions, ceilings and floors, and joints in window and door frames. As a rule, Zwaluw PU-Gunfoam Winter B3 adheres perfectly to concrete, brick, stone, plaster, wood, metal and many plastics (such as rigid PU foam and uPVC).

Operating temperatures (substrate and environment): -15°C to -35°C (recommended -10°C to +25°C). When used in cold conditions, allow the cylinder to warm to room temperature before use. Screw the cylinder onto the foam gun (Den Braven Blister 135 and 175 types). Before each use, shake the cylinder vigorously, at least 20 times. Fill joints and joints 50%. In low humidity, spray a little water on the foam or surface. The foam expands to fill the remaining void. When filling the joints between walls and window frames, use a fixative to fix the frames for about 24 hours (until the foam has completely hardened). Wear safety glasses, gloves and suitable work clothes. Use paper or protective film to protect floor coverings and furniture. Joints and joints deeper than 4 cm should be filled in several layers. The waiting time between uses is 15-30 minutes. Spray the surface with water before each use. Use in well-ventilated areas. Store in an upright position in a cool, dry place at a temperature between +5°C and +25°C. The balloon is under pressure! Protect from direct sunlight and do not store at temperatures above +50°C. Do not puncture or burn the cylinder even after use. Contains flammable accelerants. Avoid using the product near open flames or flammable materials. Keep away from heaters. No smoking nearby! Suitable for use until the expiration date indicated on the package (marked on the bottom of the cylinder). Product liability ends when the shelf life expires.

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